Arthur Gerhold, Founder

In 1959 a young pastor by the name of Arthur Gerhold came to Ottawa to plant a new congregation. He started with just a few people on the north side of town. Later that same year, the new Foursquare church moved to the present location at 9th and Hickory. In 1963, Pastor Gerhold accepted a position with a church in California.

Clyde Greisen, Pastor for over 57 years

A young man by the name of Clyde Greisen came to replace him in the pulpit as Interim Pastor. He ended up pastoring the Community Foursquare Chapel of Ottawa for nearly 60 years. Through those years, Pastor Greisen was offered other positions in other places; many at better pay. But Ottawa Foursquare was where his heart was and where he felt God wanted him to be. Ottawa Community Foursquare thrived as God richly blessed spiritually and financially. A new church and annex were part of those blessings. Through the years many people were saved, baptized, and filled with the Holy Spirit through the ministry at Community Foursquare Chapel.

Troy Greisen

On May 17, 2021, The Lord called his humble servant, Clyde Greisen, to his heavenly home. His dear wife and mother of the church joined him in heaven on November 17, 2021. A deep void was felt by the church, but God, ever faithful, had a plan. Pastor Clyde’s son, Troy, stepped up to fill the Senior Pastor position with Roland Bell continuing as assistant Pastor. Pastor Troy’s leadership through this difficult and hectic time focused on organization, church maintenance, upgrading the church’s audio/video equipment, and comforting a hurting congregation. His leadership laid a foundation for the next phase of purpose and ministry in the fellowship.

Filling in the Blanks

During this time many ministry friends stepped in to help the church. Ministries with the Gospel Music Association, Pastor Reye Rodriques, from Topeka, Kansas, and others filled the pulpit and provided support to the congregation. One couple who came to minister often was Steve and Brooke Highlander. The Highlanders were missionaries to Papua New Guinea but were home in the states so Brooke could get treatment for cancer. Covid hit and the couple could not return the PNG.  

Steve Highlander

In April 2022, Steve Highlander, accepted the call to become Interim Pastor of CFC.  On May 2, 2022, Brooke graduated to heaven. Steve continued to serve as Interim Pastor while deciding what God wanted him to do – return to Papua New Guinea, or remain stateside. In October 2022 he accepted the appointment to serve as senior pastor of the fellowship. He was officially installed as pastor on December 4, 2022. (More information on Pastor Steve)

What does the future hold for the church? Only God knows … but if the past is any indicator…the future looks bright and hopeful indeed. 

We warmly invite you to come and help us make history.